Shift sound waves to keep the overall noise from getting too loud! Try to cancel waves out by matching peaks and valleys. Made for Global Game Jam 2017.

A co-op escape game for the 2016 JS13k game jam. You and your fellow spacefarer are stranded and almost out of fuel! Luckily, you notice an abandoned space station nearby. But it’s a pretty glitchy place… who knows what lies inside? Find the shuttle in the space station, make sure it’s powered up, and escape before you run out of oxygen. Avoid glitches and explosions if you can.

(Working title) Save a forest before it is choked by an evil magic. Super rough prototype phase: I’m still exploring the gameplay for this world.

A maze-like puzzle game. Navigate around loops and avoid explosions! Don’t forget to try the level editor.

What would you do if you were a drone… but you could control humans? Initially created for the Js13k game jam, and further development is planned.

A puzzle game for hungry monsters. Strategically eat tiles, arranging them so that your monster can grow larger.

Colored squares fly around in various ways! Use this simulation to explore & uncover new patterns of motion.

My entry for Ludum Dare 31 (theme: “Entire game on one screen”). Use attractors and repellers to corral as many balls as possible on your screen.

My entry for Ludum Dare 27 (theme: “Ten Seconds”). Brave the elements and unexpected scenarios in order to arrive at your destination in exactly ten seconds, no more, no less!